Welcome to Bandia Design & Publishing.

This is the main on-line outlet for my work as independent researcher, publisher, designer and artist.

Here you will find the full range of Publications which are the result of many years of research and the full range of Jewellery Designs produced in our studio / workshop.

Bandia is self-funded, entirely independent, and operates through the support of those who appreciate my work. Unless otherwise stated all work is by myself, Jack Roberts, and all jewellery/design work is entirely hand made in our workshop.

Exploration of the incredible historical and archaeological heritage of Ireland is the driving force and core activity of this enterprise and continues on a daily basis. As an independent researcher unaffiliated with any institutions or funded organisations there is an emphasis on certain aspects of history that are largely ignored by main stream archaeology such as archaeo-astronomy, mythology and the controversial Sheela-na-gigs.