About Bandia

png file Bandia Logo StackedBandia is divided into two areas of activity, Bandia Publishing the outlet for publications derived from my own research, and Bandia Design the outlet for my hand made jewellery designs/wall plaques.

I am a full time artist/independent researcher/writer producing books and guides to help the conscious traveller get more out of your visit to this incredibly mysterious and magical land.

Bandia Publishing began in the 1980’s and the first publishing outlet I formed was called Key Books, later changed to Bandia a decade later.

Bandia is the Gaelic term for Goddess and seemed appropriate at that time when research was being carried out into the hidden mythology of the goddesses of ancient Ireland and their later manifestation as the mysterious Sheela-na-gigs.

Publishing is the original and main purpose of Bandia and this is augmented through my jewellery/design production which has formed an all round structure for my creative work for the last two decades.

Apart from an occasional addition (always acknowledged) all illustrations and photos in my publications are by myself and all
jewellery/designs are produced in my own workshop and almost entirely by me.