My research into Irish archaeology and history began when I became co-researcher with Martin Brennan on the ‘Stars and Stones’ project in the 1970’s from which resulted the ground breaking publication, ‘The Stones of Time: Calendars, Sundials and Stone Chambers of Ancient Ireland’, highly regarded as the essential book about the Boyne Valley and related monuments.

In the 1980’s I began researching the monuments of the southwest region of Ireland, which has resulted in a series of publications, guides and maps of the area. This project is on-going and I have recently published, ‘The Sun Circles of Ireland’, a guide to the whole range of stone circles to be found in Ireland, and which highlights the particular importance of the astronomically oriented stone circles of the Cork/Kerry region.

More than three decades of research in many areas of Ireland have resulted in a wide knowledge of the archaeological and historical heritage of the whole of Ireland and have produced a number of publications dealing with some of the more important and often less well understood aspects of Irish history/archaeology.